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Phoebe, Cricket, Snow & Niki Maru


Phoebe was our first clinic cat that we rescued. Phoebe is sadly no longer with us but she will always have a place in our hearts. Donations offered to raise funds for less fortunate comunity kitties are made to THE PHOEBE FUND named in her honor. She spent most of her time at the front desk, and occasionally you could find her in the window, basking in the sun. She often gave us high fives, and she enjoyed sneaking Snow's food too!


Cricket was a kitten when she came to us with a broken leg from the Humane Society. We corrected her broken leg with surgery, and then she was put up for adoption. She was even on the local news in search of a new home! Cricket was adopted out, but unfortunately her new kitty sibling wasn't fond of her. The owner brought her back to us, and she has stayed with us since. She enjoys watching the birds and mice at the front window. Her favorite past time though, is treat time!


Snow came to us from Happy Cats Haven, after his owner developed Alzheimer's. He had a few medical problems, including chronic ear infections, was underweight, and needed extensive dental work. Since Snow has lived with us, he has gained weight, his coat is no longer matted, and he is the friendliest gentleman you will ever meet! His chronic ear infections have left him deaf, and with a head tilt, but it doesn't stop him from greeting our clients and patients! Snow enjoys playing with his favorite blue toy, greeting clients, and sleeping on the sofa


Niki is super friendly and loves attention - especially belly rubs! He has diabetes, so he gets insulin injections every morning and evening, and takes them like a champ. He loves everyone. His previous owner was heartbroken to surrender him to CatTails because they did not have the time or resources to care for him. Niki is our celebrity politician, running for the mayor of Divide and Black Forrest.

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